Zoom Meetings…

Screenshot: Mine

Space isn’t for me neither are civilians however…

I once Zoomed a company meeting with a P-51 in the background, cool right? My objective on that endeavor was a failure, however I completely understand the epic Zoom background comment -go Hei! You win.

Thank you Morning Brew for the only snippet of news I choose to receive daily. You keep it real and more importantly, Funny.

Photo Misty Lenkey

Progress, in the sense of acquisition is something: but progress in the sense of being is a great deal more. To grow higher, deeper, wider, as years go on; to conquer difficulties, and acquire more and more power: to feel all one’s faculties unfolding, and truth descending into the soul~this makes life worth living. ~J.F. Clark

The Doctor knows his Stuff. 98 and 3/4 % Inspiration.

The insight and complete understanding of human nature encompassed in this book is astounding. Whether you are getting ready to single pilot a jet, or waiting in line at the grocery store, how we see the world and what we think of ourselves creates the paths, that navigation our existence and our experiences. Balancing each choice, turn, and lurch is the fun precarious art we call Life. ~Misty