Oranges Below!

Photo: Misty Lenkey Near Winterhaven Fl

The lower 2/3rds of the Florida Peninsula is the spot to grow oranges. Cosy temps and low probability of frost help the US capture 65% share of the world market in this particular industry .

Have you heard of Tropicana? Tropicana’s incredible operation in Bradenton, on 285 acres (I wander what the current market value of that is), with 69 acres under roof, includes about 7,000 square feet of cold storage space. The plant processes 200 to 300 trucks a day, and each truck is filled with about 150,000 oranges. Annually, the plant processes about 4 billion oranges. All coming from these groves!

Zoom Meetings…

Screenshot: Mine

Space isn’t for me neither are civilians however…

I once Zoomed a company meeting with a P-51 in the background, cool right? My objective on that endeavor was a failure, however I completely understand the epic Zoom background comment -go Hei! You win.

Thank you Morning Brew for the only snippet of news I choose to receive daily. You keep it real and more importantly, Funny.

Photo Misty Lenkey

Progress, in the sense of acquisition is something: but progress in the sense of being is a great deal more. To grow higher, deeper, wider, as years go on; to conquer difficulties, and acquire more and more power: to feel all one’s faculties unfolding, and truth descending into the soul~this makes life worth living. ~J.F. Clark

The Doctor knows his Stuff. 98 and 3/4 % Inspiration.

The insight and complete understanding of human nature encompassed in this book is astounding. Whether you are getting ready to single pilot a jet, or waiting in line at the grocery store, how we see the world and what we think of ourselves creates the paths, that navigation our existence and our experiences. Balancing each choice, turn, and lurch is the fun precarious art we call Life. ~Misty

Photo: Misty Lenkey

Mental Pictures~One of the most practical things a man can do with his holiday and leisure time is to store his mind with pictures of beauty and truth. By discrimination thought , conversation, observation, he may lay up hidden sources of strength and grace.

On a more serious note…

Tips to Avoid Loss of Control

  • Learn what a realistic upset looks like.
  • Keep in mind that true upsets are unexpected events.
  • Remember, in an upset, the first step to recovery is usually reducing the angle of attack.
  • Check out schools that offer Upset Recovery Training in addition to aerobatics.
  • Join a type club for the make and model of the airplane you fly.
  • Subscribe to the FAA’s FAASTeam page to learn of training opportunities in your area.
  • Bring along a friend when you attend a FAASTeam event.
  • Invite another pilot to sit in the back seat during your next training flight and debrief afterwards.

Source: August 2021

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