Awesome, sleek however… a little unusual?

Lo and behold the Honda Jet, cool right? I do not own one yet since, #1 I have not married well or #2 I have not invented something along the line of paperclips to be able to put this in the household budget. It’s sleek, cool, and awesome and I saw it’s debut at Oshkosh in 2016, I think I have a shirt stuffed in a closet somewhere.

However visually something is different. I stumbled upon an article in Aviation Week and Space and Technology regarding overwing engines. That’s it! Let’s discuss.

A design rule of thumb, engines overwings? In the past the consensus was- No. It will interfere with the basic aerodynamics. The airflow over the wing and the pylon caused separation and limited cruise speed to Mach.65 …slow in jet land.

However rules well, those are for followers and advances in computational fluid dynamics CFD has created a way to study and solve the overwing engine issues. Cruising at Mach .72 the Honda Jet is a performer.