The work you do on the ground… is just as important.

This is a Great Book, very technical however, hang in there. Re-read the tough areas a couple times, when it clicks it’s Awesome! So, have you heard of a Captain Ralph S. Johnson? Well his theories are present every time you fly an approach. In 1930 he theorized the use of the standardized approach a method to landing. Winging landings in many cases, especially with weather, was not working. One of the main reasons being swept- wing jets in particular do not deal with wind sheer well. If the power setting was set power off bleed approach there is no necessary power available in order to perform a go around. The engine has to respool and the time taken is not there to climb effectively out when a go around situation occurs. With a stabilized approach, that power is always there, incremental power changes leave the engine ready to re engage. Back then though it was difficult (image that) to convince pilots to standardize. Eventually airline, military, and general aviation communities couldn’t dispute the logic or afford the loss of lives and machinery. In 1960 the standardize approach finally became an industry standard!

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